• Title

    • The prompt for your post

  • Description

    • A quick summary of the rest of your post

  • Image

    • An image that will be visible on the feed, allowing for better emphasis on an idea, and grabbing more readers' attention.

  • Options

    • All votable scenarios presented in your poll

  • Document

    • Write a detailed document with multiple blocks of information to argue for a change in your community.

    • Using block-style editing, you are able to format this proposal however you may like


  1. Headings

    • Title certain sections with various sized headings

  2. Text

    • Include paragraph-style text anywhere in your document.

    • Inline tools

      1. Link

        • Add a link to a specific word or field of text

      2. Bold

      3. Underlined

      4. Italic

      5. Highlight

      6. Code

        • Include a code snippet within your text

  3. List: Include a bulleted list of information

    • Use ordered numbers

    • Or use unordered bullet points

  4. Table: Include a table of information with multiple rows and columns

    • Use headings for each column

    • Or go without headings

  5. Quote: Include a formatted quote from a speaker, author, etc.

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